In times of Corona, may one already think about what comes next?
May one be confident and wish for normality and routine?
May one be happy to make up for missed opportunities or to communicate newly defined goals?

We think yes!

With all anticipation, we always keep an eye on the safety, protection and well-being of our guests and employees.
We would like to keep you informed about the latest information and measures.

If you have any further questions, we are happy when you contact us by phone under +49 7344 959200 or by E-Mail to .

Here you will find an overview of the RKI

-In particular at the entrances and exits, hand disinfection donors are available.

-regular ventilation of all rooms

-cleaning of the building according to the cleaning plan.
Additionally, objects and surfaces that are touched are disinfected before and after each event.
The speaker’s desk – if one is used – after each speaker.

The maximum number of persons in the room is set in such a way that the minimum distance can be guaranteed.

The room is seated in such a way that the distances between the rows have sufficient minimum distance.

-Avoid physical contact and use of objects that are used by more than one person.

-Cashless payment is recommended.

-Superb facility with enough space to comply with the minimum distance.

Wearing a mouth-nose cover in public areas is mandatory.

-Depending on the number of participants plate service

-Buffet only possible if our employees spend the food or use disposable gloves

-Wearing face masks and gloves to protect you.

-Compliance minimum distance of 1. 5 meters in all gastronomic areas.

To avoid crowds at the wardrobe, the jackets can be taken into the hall. It’s well ventilated.

- An application was made for the participation. This makes infection chains traceable.
-In addition, each participant must complete a contact tracking form on site.

Flyer with general protective measures (hand hygiene, nichel label, stay at home if you have disease symptoms etc. ) are visibly hung up in the building.