Sleep well


For 1-2 guests

Standard room

All standard rooms offer bathrooms. The rooms in House Blue are furnished with TV and free Wi-Fi.

Up to 4 guests

Family room

Equipped like the standard rooms for 1-2 guests, the family rooms offer space for up to 4 guests for a family-friendly stay.

Up to 10 guests

Youth hostel

Youth hostel offer to 10 persons in one room.

Our 54 rooms in our hotel

You have the choice between single, double and family rooms (standard equipment), which are equipped with shower, toilet and television. For larger groups we can also offer rooms in youth hostel standard. A total of up to 350 guests can stay with us. If you need more, we will offer you hotels in the area.

Free off charge

  • Wi-Fi
  • over 400 car parks directly at the hotel
  • Large lounge with kitchen
  • soccer table
  • table tennis
  • soccer field
  • beach volleyball court
  • Large meadow (multifunctional usable)

The following options can also be booked on request:

  • Full or half board (breakfast is included with every booking)

We look forward to welcoming you to the TZB!

Hotel Tour

Please find your room

As you have already discovered, our TZB is divided into several buildings. We differentiate between hotel rooms and youth hostels. The different houses are divided as follows:

Bezogene Kissen auf Bett

House Blau

  • 1. OG hotel rooms
  • 2. OG hotel rooms
  • 3. OG youth hostels

House Iller

  • 1. OG youth hostels
  • 2. OG youth hostels

House Lauter

  • EG hotel rooms
  • 1. OG hotel rooms
  • 2. OG hotel rooms
  • 3. OG youth hostels